Agreement Tradotto

A. Registration and authorized activities: Only companies (including individual companies), good faith charities and other entities or persons established in Italy are entitled to request a Stripe account for the use of the services described in this agreement. Stripe and its related companies may offer services to you in other countries or regions, or to your related companies, under separate agreements. E. Other services: From time to time, we may offer additional functions or services that may be subject to additional or derogatory terms of use. Examples of additional services are Stripe Radar and Stripe Sigma. All of these additional features and services are part of the Services and you can only use these additional services if you accept the agreement or conditions (if any) for these services. This Stripe Services Agreement is a legal agreement between Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd. («Stripe,» «us» or «we») and the entity or person («you,» «your» or «user») who have registered with stripe account to obtain certain payment processing, data, technology and analytics services and other commercial services that may be offered by Stripe and its related companies (a «service»). This agreement outlines the conditions for your use of the Services. We may refuse, condition or suspend transactions that we believe (i) may violate this or other agreements you may have with Stripe; (ii) are not allowed, fraudulent or illegal; or (iii) expose yourself, Stripe or other unacceptable risks to Stripe. If we suspect or know that you are using or have used the services for unauthorized, fraudulent or illegal purposes, we may disclose all information relating to this activity to the relevant financial institution, regulatory authority or law enforcement authority that corresponds to our legal obligations.

This information may contain information about you, your Stripe account, your customers and transactions made by your use of the Services. We may add or remove payment formula providers and payment forms to acquire at any time. Payment terms and financial services terms may also be changed from time to time. Your continued use of payment settlement services is your consent and consent to these additions, distances and changes. You are solely responsible for customer support for transaction documents, product or service provision, support, returns, refunds and any other issues related to your products and services and business activities. We are not responsible for providing your customers with support for services unless we accept this in a separate agreement with you or one of your customers. a. Privacy: Stripe only uses user data as is the case, other agreements between you and us or other agreements that you have ordered or authorized by you.

You protect all data you receive through the Services and you must not disclose or disseminate that data, and you will only use it in connection with the Services and in accordance with this Agreement or by other agreements between you and us. Neither party may use personal data to market it to customers unless it has received the explicit consent of a particular customer. You cannot disclose payment data to others, except as part of the processing of transactions requested by customers and in accordance with applicable laws and payment rules. Finally, Section E describes your liability to Stripe for all losses related to your Stripe account, your agreement to resolve all disputes with Stripe through arbitration proceedings and not in a lawsuit, and other legal conditions that apply to you. For your convenience, we have translated the English version of this page into Italian. This translation is only used for informational purposes and is currently being updated. The final version of this page is the English version. Per comodité, abbiamo tradotto la versione in lingua inglese di questa pagina in italiano.