Asic Custody Agreement

(j) in the sense that the policyholder has and must maintain appropriate provisions to be able to provide the services under the agreement in all the contingencies for which he should reasonably plan; and the ER custody agreements must require the custodian to take appropriate steps to report to ASIC within 10 working days if the custodian suspects that the UC may be on the beach: the requirements include ERs, ER custodians, licensed custodians (including auxiliary service providers) and IDPS and MDA operators. (l) that the sub-custodian must notify the financial services licensee in writing, within a reasonable period of time after notification of the breach, of substantial or systematic breaches of the contract committed by him or the financial services taker; and (3) The licensee for financial services must ensure that the agreement with the sub-custodian contains appropriate liability provisions and does not contain provisions that exclude the sub-conservative`s liability in the event of direct losses he would have in the event of non-inclusion of the exclusion, except in specific cases that the underwriter deems appropriate for financial services and, where appropriate, contains appropriate compensation provisions for losses incurred by the licensee for financial services or his clients or clients as a result of the acts and omissions of the custodian relating to that agreement. A similar discharge applies to licensed custodians, IDPS operators and MDA operators, in accordance with ASIC 13/410, 13/763 and 04/94 regulations. (f) how the sub-custodian will maintain the records of the deposit fund to which the agreement relates and the transactions relating to that deposit, including the question of when and how the transactions were authorized; and (c) to the extent that the taker is liable to the customer when a loss occurs as a result of a failure of the licensee or a person he takes directly or indirectly with the property of the protected property, to which the private client has an economic interest; to comply with obligations arising from the agreement or other agreements relating to the ownership of the conservatory, or to comply with appropriate standards, generally applicable by child care or child care providers, to the preservation of property subject to a provision subject to the licensee to limit liability because of the omission of a person whom he has engaged directly or indirectly, when that person is insolvent and the taker has failed to adequately ensure that that person was reckless; and (2) The agreement with the sub-custodian must have provisions: please note that this fact sheet is a summary that gives you basic information on a particular topic. It does not cover all relevant legislation in this area and does not replace professional advice. You should also note that this fact sheet avoids, as far as possible, legal language, could contain some generalizations about law enforcement. Certain provisions of the Act have important exceptions or qualifications. In most cases, your particular circumstances must be taken into account in determining the application of the law against you. (h) in the sense that the sub-custodian must provide any legal controller responsible for auditing the annual accounts of the holder of a financial services licensee or verifying that the policyholder is complying with his agreement with his client for financial services, appropriate access and appropriate assistance; for example, the new requirements for conservatory custody for EEs begin: (iii) there is an act or omission of the sub-custodian or another person directly or indirectly involved by the sub-custodian in the treatment of the property, which leads the sub-custodian to breach the agreement; and (b) in the sense that the sub-custodian must certify in writing to the sub-custodian, for financial services, at least every thirteen months, that the sub-custodian believes that, since the date of the prior written declaration or