Child Maintenance Reciprocal Agreements

The United Kingdom has reached an agreement on mutual application of food orders (REMO) with a number of other countries. Courts in «REMO» countries can enforce the decisions of British courts on the maintenance of children. Here you will find a list of countries in which a British support contract can be applied: it is the list of countries that help each other to place dependant orders or accept maintenance claims against someone in another country. If one of the parents lives abroad (and the categories mentioned above do not apply), the patient can apply to the court for food education. Phone: 0131 244 3570 or 0131 244 4829 Fax: 0131 244 4848 Inquire about call fees In this briefing document, it explains how the child care system works where a person with care, a non-resident or a parent lives abroad. If there is no order at this time, you can ask the authorities to make a maintenance contract for you. REMO is the procedure by which a support order made in a Uk court for a RESIDENT of the United Kingdom can be registered and executed by a foreign court or foreign authority against a paying parent who lives there. The briefing mainly concerns Great Britain; Information on Northern Ireland`s similar but separate childcare system can be found in section 6 of the briefing. Below is a summary of the main topics discussed in the briefing. Whether a judge in England can enforce a child order in another country, as they will, and the tests the judge will use, depends on a number of factors. REMO represents Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders.

A country that has supported REMO can enforce another country`s food order. A «REMO» can also be used for the foreign income of a non-resident parent with his or her usual residence in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has REMO agreements with more than 100 countries. This means that the English courts may be able to impose a provision made in another country. These include how incomes and professions are treated under the child accommodation system in 2012 and how maintenance schemes can be recognised in some countries. The impact of the UK`s exit from the European Union on childcare is also described in detail.