Crew Agreement Malaysia

The company will bear all costs, including quarantine procedures, covid-19 testing, post-processing and other related logistical aspects incurred by the crew in accordance with these procedures. The Letter of Commitment (LoU) must be signed as an agreement to cover the cost of all quarantine costs. Before the ship arrives, Port Health Officer will inspect ship documents, such as crew list, memo, crew`s last place of participation, temperature protocol, etc. If there are no red flags, then the Port Health Officer will visit the ship upon arrival for the check and exit of Free Practice after it is satisfied. Freight operations can begin after receiving Free Practice. All sailors are now allowed to make crew changes in the Malaysian port, in strict compliance with procedures and authorisation from the authorities. The application for declaration must be filed at least three (3) days before the crew arrives in Malaysia with MARDEP. The shipowner/Crew Agency ensures that the COVID-19 test result is POSITIVE or that the crew exhibits explicit viral symptoms during the registration or disconnection process, the crew and their shipping company report the Ministry of Health (MOH) to the Ministry of Health (MOH) through the Nearest Port Health Authority immediately after receiving the results. As of March 2, documents (marine health statement, travel declaration and crew list) must be submitted to the Port Health Officer within 48 to 72 hours prior to the vessel`s arrival.

Following the government`s decision to extend the Movement Control Regulation (Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan) until April 14, 2020, we received several questions about how limiting crew change can cause disruption in many maritime operations. We conducted a survey of our members to submit their concerns to the appropriate authorities for review. Thank you for your quick return and your answers. The crew as above is subject to all other MOH instructions and is NOT ALLOWED TO: All crew members can register and unsubscribe to Port Klang after receiving authorization from the authorities.