Prenuptial Agreement Amsterdam

In order to comply with the marriage agreement or the terms of the partnership, it is necessary for both partners to be present to sign the deed before the notary. Wedding contract: If a wedding is not desirable in the property community, you can also opt for a marriage agreement. A marital agreement is established by the notary before the marriage. In a marriage pact, you can enter into joint agreements on the division of property and debt during or after the eventual end of the marriage. Marriage contracts are usually concluded in advance so that they take effect as soon as the marriage begins (pre-marital agreement). Another option is to enter into a marriage contract while he is already married and thus exclude (part) of the marital property of the community (post-marital arrangement). The community created prior to the agreement should be shared on that date. Marriage contracts can also be changed during the marriage. In the marriage agreement, you can make decisions about what you want or want to share with your spouse in the future and what the consequences are in the event of divorce or death. You can share everything with your spouse (community of ownership), not share anything with your spouse (exclusion) or any other division between the two. When you got married, you had established a marriage convention (Prenup) in another country.

This prenup can be registered upon arrival in the Netherlands in the register of foreign matrimonial real estate in The Hague. This provides you with protection from creditors when they try to recover your spouses` debts through your property. In the Netherlands, couples can get a marriage pact before getting married. This can cover a wide range of topics, from retirement to asset allocation. The prenups here can`t rule out marital alimonys, but almost everything else is on the table. You can even determine the law that will govern your marriage. Even if a couple who live together chooses not to formalize their relationship, the fact that they live together still has legal consequences. There is, for example, an impact on income tax and social security deductions and benefits. You can enter into a contract (cohabitation contract) that concludes a large number of issues related to cohabitation and sharing of a house, for example.B.