Television Advertising Contract Agreement

D.3.1 Seven.One Media and the contractor have the right to terminate the teletext contract with a termination of 6 (six) calendar weeks, with respect to: In addition to teletext services, the contract cannot be terminated with respect to teletext or other teletext services. If the purpose of the contract relates exclusively to teletext services, the contract as a whole may be terminated. D.3.2 The termination of the contract pursuant to this clause by the contractor is subject to a repayment obligation; if the contractor is required to refund to Seven.One Media all previous discounts. C.4.1 The placement is carried out in normal resolution quality for the respective Internet service provider/HbbTV-Anbieter and depends on the technical standard of the technical equipment of the Internet user/HbbTV-Anbieters. C.4.2 The contractor is required to verify the advertising measure placed immediately after the first placement and to indicate any errors during the first week of placement. After this period has expired, errors are deemed accepted. If, at the end of the aforementioned period, the contractor requests a change in the commercial advertising, he is required to bear the change fee. C.4.3 In the event of a timely, complete and/or non-technical non-presentation of advertising means, Seven.One is authorized to supplement the investments envisaged in another manner until the advertising means are properly presented. The contract is then executed at the discretion of Seven.One Media. The contractor is also required to pay the full intermediation price C.6.1 The contractor guarantees that the contents of its business services do not violate any legal provisions and, in particular, do not violate the provisions of the Teleservices Act (TMG) or competition law. C.6.2 On the first application, the contractor releases seven.

One Media`s third-party claims in this area. The terms and conditions also apply. D.2.1 Seven.One Media places TT advertising in the category and, as agreed, under a number of pages. The category and environment of TT services are the result of relevant program structures/schemes in place when Seven.One Media confirmed the order. There is no right to place TT/TT advertising lines at a given position on a TT page. Seven.One Media will do everything in its power to facilitate the transfer of TT advertising to a teletext page desired by the contractor, but cannot provide any guarantee in this regard. In addition, Seven.One Media cannot guarantee that no other TT pages will be offered in addition to the TT pages listed in the program plan. The contractor does not have the right to maintain a certain access period or a specific number on the relevant TT page.