Agreement Copy Of Tet Teacher

In addition, Mr. Sarma added that the mandate of teacher services had been extended to 60 years. «It can therefore be said that there is no difference between contract teachers and state teachers in the state. While we cannot re-empower their services, we have tried to give them all the institutions that government professors have used so far,» he said. The Assam-led BJP government had previously promised to regulate the contracts of qualified TET teachers, but in the last three years there have been no such developments. Following the cabinet`s decision, the Ministry of Primary Education issued a statement on July 1, 2020. Subsequently, in August, the SSA gave the teachers of the contract and the state pool the mandate to sign a new agreement. But teachers refuse to sign the new agreement because it will disrupt the continuation of their period of service, which hinders the regularization of their employment. In a statement to the media on Thursday, Samaj said: «The state government has said it will give regular status to all teachers under contract under the SSA (Sarba Shiksha Abhiyan).

We welcomed that. However, the recent agreement that the government gave to TTO teachers stunned us. The new agreement aims to disrupt the continued service of teachers who have been working since 2012, to get them to sign another contract rather than fill their positions. This is an attempt to block the regularization of teachers in the future. The BJP`s Vision Document stated that the position of TET teachers would be regulated if the party was elected to power. This assurance has not been implemented. However, the neighbouring state of Manipur has regulated the teT teaching position. We have decided not to sign the new agreement because it will be suicidal for us. QUALIFIed TET teachers were asked to sign an agreement to extend their contract terms by 11 months. If teachers refuse to sign the agreement, their basic amenities, such as casual leave, medical leave, maternity leave, will be affected, as reported. The last order of the mission invited teachers to sign the agreement on or before October 20, otherwise their «salary issue must be dealt with after the signing of the agreement.» This clearly shows that teachers will not receive their salaries if they do not sign the agreement. At a time when thousands of qualified TET teachers working under the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) in Assam were attacking protests against the apathy of the BJP-led government to meet its long-standing demands, including regularization of their services, the government introduced a new decree to extend the duration of its contract. Meanwhile, he said that teachers cannot apply for the transfer without completing 10 years of service in the first place of the detachment.

«The governor approved the law,» he said, adding that the government has made Assamese a compulsory subject in all schools, regardless of government and private education from Class I to Class X. It can be mentioned that over the years, the State has witnessed sporadic protests by TTR teachers and contract teachers, who demanded the regularization of their jobs and the demand for their salaries, along with several other subjects. The state has 29,701 TET teachers under Axom Sarba Siksha Abhiyan mission, 11,206 state pool teachers and 5243 high school teachers, the minister said. At a press conference, the day after the HSLC 2020 results were published, here in Guwahati, the Minister indicated that contract teachers will receive their salaries, increases, dearness allowances and other institutions likened to state teachers.