Grid Connection Agreement Meaning

We may provide test equipment to ICP companies that have entered into the renewal of the Rent a Test Probe competition agreement on the basis of a request. The rental of this aircraft is subject to the terms of the EoC Test Prod Hire contract. A project agreement is reached prior to the connection agreement when Fingrid builds a new substation on the main network to meet the needs of a single customer. An agreement can be reached when the environmental impact assessments requested by the authorities have been completed and the land use process has begun or a decision has been made on the planning solution. The junction is entirely responsible for the construction costs of the substation. A site-specific timetable is subject to general agreement and is put in place for each scheme or project and requires much less paperwork than the previous tripartite agreement. Fingrid is responsible for the organisation of energy measurement and the provision of an energy meter for the substation concerned. The client reserves space for the energy meters and presents the Fingrid interlocutor with an energy measurement plan for measurement planning. A liaison agreement is an agreement between the owner/occupier and WPD. This agreement sets out the conditions necessary for the customer to be linked to the distribution system. If the new connections and network are to be taken over by an IDNO, the link with our distribution network will be covered by a bilateral liaison agreement detailing areas such as the characteristics and areas responsible for the link.

Switching instructions must be reported as soon as possible and no later than 21 days before the proposed switching date. The main network specialists, who are responsible for planning outages and connections, inform the customer of the switching date. It is the customer`s responsibility to ensure that all technical information relevant to the facilities is provided to the transmission network manager within two months of commissioning. During the connection planning phase, the client develops detailed plans for their connection and provides them to Fingrid, along with other necessary technical data, for verification. Planning should begin in time for projects where the connection requires a customer-built transmission line.