Questionnaire License Agreement

The other waiting period is usually determined by the time it takes to generate royalty payments. For each study, a licensing agreement is required, which can contain any number of questionnaires in any available language. When you concede the machine for a project, you can download a ZIP file containing the computer plus a readme file. It would be useful to indicate the price of licensing for CV results instruments (particularly the Kansas City Quality of Life Questionnaire). I work in a government-run hospital in Montreal, Canada, and we have a small budget for teaching materials and patient materials. It would help me to know the price in advance. We want to implement the questionnaire, but first we need to know the costs. Second, implementation seems to be a lot of work, as patient reactions need to be integrated into the computer. Our heart failure clinic has about 450 patients. Therefore, time consuming for data entry is a problem. Do you have a Likert-type digital questionnaire at your disposal? If you already use SAS, you know what it means and how it works. This is probably the tool you want rather than the computer.

You don`t need both, although we`d like both, if you will. Global Access Note – The development of Technologies from Harvard Patents can lead to licensed products that could bring significant public health benefits in developing countries. By participating in Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, Harvard is committed to promoting affordable access to these products in developing countries. To meet this obligation, we may require provisions similar to those in the link below in the exclusive licenses of this potentially effective technology. Before the end of the initial license, our online system begins to send you email reminders that you need to renew. The extension request link appears on your program`s personalized website and allows you to find a simple form in which you will request your current registration numbers, especially the number of patients you then manage. This figure determines the cost of the next renewal. From a legal point of view, we grant you the right to duplicate, provide, collect, analyze and publish KCCQ, SAQ or PAQ data within your defined project. None of our licenses are website licenses. One of the steps that in many cases has proven to be time consuming is the verification of the licensing agreement by the legal services of client organizations and negotiations on the amendments. Most clients have found nothing to change, but even if their organization requires a formal review of the agreement, it may take some time.

In general, we strongly recommend not to change the questionnaires in any way, as there is a significant risk that you will accidentally change the questionnaire yourself in a way that would render it invalid and therefore all the data you collect with it. That`s why we distribute the questionnaires in protected PDFs. Our cardiology clinic wants to include the KCCQ-12 questionnaire in our electronic medical record. Can you specify how each answer is weighted to create a composite score? That`s all! Very simple and simple, as the many current licensees have told us. As we have already pointed out, we license intellectual property to a wide range of organizations and projects. There is also a difference in creditworthiness. The cost of licensing our tools and tools therefore depends on what you intend to do with them. And we rely on better-funded clients to subsidize these clients with minimal resources. We believe that this approach is fair and helps to promote the use of these valuable measures in a number of use contexts.