Revolut Legal Agreements

There is a thrill and haste that comes with in-house advice in a fast-changing business. You`re constantly fighting fires. Every day, the legal department is involved in many cases. They need resilience to react. They must have relational skills to communicate well about the intersection between business and justice about what can and cannot be done and why, and a reasonable amount of time. If you wish to take legal action against us, only the courts in England and Wales can deal with all the issues relating to these conditions. Quantify the value of your legal department. Put the financial figures behind budget requests and legal spending. For new legal teams, it is particularly important to use data to justify values. Note the savings you`ve made on a new case or say you`ve been settled in All Disputes. If you`ve relocated projects that you`ve put in the house in the past, you`re pointing out the savings. Decide on the structure of your team while you build it. It can be centralized, decentralized or hybrid (hub and stingray).

Tom recommends reading Bjarne P. Tellmann`s book «How to build a outstanding legal team.» Revolut uses the hybrid model with core teams at headquarters in London, then local consultants in each market. These essential functions are not replicated in all markets and local consultants are in contact with the London product and governance team. Revolut has a global and local panel and has the flexibility to call on its own local councils. If you ask us to open an account, we or someone who acts to us will ask for information about you and where the money you deposit into your account comes from. We do this for a number of reasons, including verifying your credit rating and identity and meeting our legal and regulatory requirements. Our privacy policy explains how we use your data for this and other purposes. Once we have the information we need, we will open your account. We only transfer your rights or obligations under the contract if we reasonably believe that it will not have a material negative impact on your rights under these Terms and Conditions, or if we must do so to comply with all legal or regulatory requirements. When you transfer rights and duties, you call it «Novation.» If we only transfer rights, we call it «assignment.» All legal actions between you and us will be decided in the courts of England and Wales.

Kolvin Stone, Partner and Chief Technology Officer, Fox Williams, spoke to Tom Hambrett, General Counsel Group, Revolut during a virtual chimney chat, about his experience since joining Revolut in 2017 as the sole legal counsel and the growth of his legal team on more than 50 lawyers working on four continents. Revolut is a leading fintech company that has supported more than 112 million customers in 30 countries and was recently valued at $4.2 billion. You still have to pay all the fees you charged (for example, if you applied for an additional revolut card). We may also charge you a cancellation fee for other agreements you have with us (z.B. if you cancel your metal subscription).