Apprentice Training Agreement

The Vocational Training Act (2008/19) and the Labour Act do not explicitly set a minimum and maximum age for apprenticeship. In 2019, 3477 learners were enrolled in initial vocational training as part of apprenticeship, as recorded by the Ministry of National Education. With regard to apprenticeship contracts, certain general provisions of the Labour Code apply: as an incentive from the State, apprentices who complete the school year retroactively receive a training bonus of €130 per month for training leading to a CCP qualification and €150 per month for apprenticeships leading to DAP or DT diplomas. If the apprenticeship takes place within the framework of the system of several training places, each training organisation must be accredited for the training of apprentices. MLTSD uses this application to assess your eligibility for a registered training contract under which you will receive training from a sponsor in a required profession as part of a training program. With this request, you authorize MLTSD to verify all the information provided. In addition to the regular apprenticeship programme, the practical part of some CCP and DAP programmes can be visited in public training centres (resulting in the same qualifications). These tracks are aimed both at young people who have not found a training place in a regular company and at adults who need to retrain. For each (professional category), the Minister appoints a curriculum committee (curriculum team), composed in equal parts of representatives of the school system and the practical training institutions proposed by the professional orders.

The apprenticeship programme in Luxembourg has a long history (1940s). The current form was regulated in 2008 and changed in 2019. (b) the mixed track (mixed track) adapted to certain professions. This program offers theoretical and practical training at school in the first year. Once the school part has been successfully completed, the training continues according to the accompanying path (see a). .