Ball State Housing Agreement

The resident agrees to abide by all state, university and department of housing & residential life rules and regulations, as set forth in this publication. Contracts are not transferable from one academic year to another and the premises cannot be sublet. You must have signed a contract with our office before you can move in. As your accommodation/meal contract does not start until August 18 (for the fall semester) or January 8 (for the spring semester), a daily supplement will be added to your contract if you move in before that day. Students will live in quarantine shelters for 14 days or until the director of the health centre allows them to leave the quarantine to ensure they have not been infected with COVID-19. In the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Ball State Housing has made some adjustments to housing options for students living in residences, according to its website and emails sent to students at the residence. Use our online housing application to submit and conclude your contract for residences or university apartments. New students who have confirmed their offer of admission will receive by mail and email (to your Ball State Outlook account) information on how to apply for a place in our residency system. Students can choose to prefer to live in a double room or in a single room by filling out a form available in their 2020-21 housing application.

If you do not meet any of these conditions, you must apply for accommodation in the residences (residence). In the Find a roommate section of the online hosting app, enter your roommate`s first name and PIN. If a student chooses to live in a single room and their roommate wants a roommate, or both students intend to live in single rooms, the housing allowances are changed and transferred to other premises. Requests for stay in the previously assigned room are made according to the date of deposit of the accommodation. The priority in the rich areas of the Community is all the groups linked to Student Life and recognized. The Office of Housing and Residence Life reserves the right not to publish advertisements or pamphlets that are not in line with the vision of the Office of Housing and Residence Life or the policies of Ball State University. Please note that items cannot be dropped off in student PO Boxes that are not specifically addressed to a person. Each student must inform the staff of the dwelling of his decision to leave the residence. He or she must complete, sign and return a completed room inventory form and have the room verified by an employee. Otherwise, a fee of 25 USD will be charged. A student may also be charged an inappropriate check-out fee if they miss a pre-scheduled check-in meeting with a resident or if they are late or do not leave the dormitory at the set closing time.

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