Bilateral Agreement Extra Ue

On the online mobility portal, you can search for exchange agreements to see if we have an existing student exchange agreement with your home university – and, if so, for which programs. BilateralThe agreement is an interinstitutional agreement between Vilnius University and the partner institution for the development of reciprocal activities, student exchanges between them. It offers Vilnius University students a great opportunity to spend one or two semesters in Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Brazil, Russia, etc. Thanks to bilateral agreements, students from third countries can participate free of charge in a mobility exchange period with Sapienza (from at least 90 days to 2 consecutive semesters). Below is a list of partner universities with which we have active student exchange agreements (the number in parentheses indicates the semester exchange rate for the academic year 2020/2021) Vilnius University has more than 190 bilateral agreements, but only about 70 agreements provide for student exchanges. Most bilateral agreements with European higher education institutions are devoted to administrative cooperation and staff exchanges. These students are included in the student mobility database and are informed of the registration procedure by automatic e-mail. To complete their registration, students must upload their passport, CV, academic transcription and learning convention, as well as their Italian/English language certificate (level B1/B2) depending on the language of the courses they wish to take. The EU concludes bilateral agreements with a number of universities. If we do not have a student exchange agreement with your home university, you can apply as a visiting student at ETH Zurich. This scholarship is offered by Korean universities.

A student is nominated, the application is analyzed, and the decision is made by Korea University..