Sap Unlimited License Agreement

SAP license rolls are extremely difficult to modify after being submitted to LAW. If LAW`s over-licensing data is calculated, that`s it – it`s locked up at those prices. Before being passed on to LAW, a SAM tool can reduce unused or redundant licenses, analyze your usage to allocate less expensive licenses, and use your contract as a search rule in its analysis to detect overlooked benefits. These optimized data analysis rules from the SAM tool can then be passed to your SAP systems and applied to the next LAW report, bringing transparency between your company and SAP – and reducing costs for your business. Organizing your SAP licenses and implementing SAM processes makes LAW submissions easier and faster at SAP. You have the information at your fingertips, you`re ready to go, and you`re aware of your level of compliance and you know how to enforce licensing rules in your favor. The same applies to the response to audits. In other words, stopping the correct license type is essential from the point of view of optimizing total costs and compliance. An EsS (Employeee Self Service) license type is a relatively inexpensive solution for easy access to staff/HR functions. At the other end of the spectrum, a professional user license (subject to the roles applied) provides broad access to all functions and the use of an SAP system. Automating your SAM processes for your SAP licenses will be: What is usage? The use is used.

All use must be licensed, whether or not that license requires a royalty. All SAP processes you perform in your company must be licensed. If you create transactions in SAP, that`s usage. SAP thus protects its intellectual property, like any other technology company. SAP listened to its customers` complaints — you may have even heard your long sigh when you read the previous section — so they introduced digital access that uses document licenses for indirect access. Indirect access is a major concern for all SAP customers. This do-it-yourself guide shows you how to find, resolve, and grant your indirect access to SAP. How? You can hire expert services that will help you become compliant in the blink of an eye. Or you can launch a SAM project well before your next self-audit. You can be handy or let a SAM service partner do it all for you. It all depends on your situation: – Audit: Breathe deeply and remember that auditing is as much about sales as it is about compliance. Therefore, if SAP wants to immerse itself more deeply in your results, a SAM program will provide you with the valuable data to negotiate with SAP and satisfy both parties.

– Contract renegotiation: SAM for your SAP gives you the transparency that strengthens your position before the contract renegotiation.. . .