Vodafone Nos Sharing Agreement

`Several agreements have been concluded between NOS Comunicações, S.A. and NOS Technology S.A., on the one hand, and Vodafone Portugal, Comunicações Pessoais, S.A., on the other hand, for the sharing of mobile network support infrastructure (passive infrastructure such as towers and poles) and active elements of the mobile telephone network (active radio equipment such as antennas, amplifiers and remaining devices). » Our in a press release to the market surveillance authority. Comments:In June 2017, Vodafone Portugal`s current Fibre to the Home programme reached 2.7 million households (1.8 million by self-construction, 0.5 million by mutual access with MEO, NOS 0.2 million following the corrective measures taken against the Optimus/Zon merger and 0.2 million through a wholesale agreement with a public rural network with access obligations). The company has 4.7 million mobile phone subscribers and about 550,000 fixed broadband subscribers. Mário Vaz, CEO of Vodafone Portugal, also said in a statement to the editor that sharing infrastructure «responds positively to current challenges», which reduces the environmental impact and the costs of implementation and development, which will leave room for «more investment in quality services for all customers». In places with higher population density, generally larger urban agglomerations, network sharing is probably more passive than active. According to the official statement, the two operators «will study the increased synergies in sharing the infrastructure supporting mobile networks and will host their active equipment in these infrastructures». Vodafone Portugal and NOS will begin a phase of exclusive negotiations that should be concluded by the end of June 2020 and formalised in agreements.

The agreements aim to divide the infrastructure – now and in the future – only for 2G, 3G and 4G networks. In return, «the adaptation of 5G to the aforementioned agreements will depend on the autonomous decision of each operator to implement or not this technology,» says the CMVM statement. Vodafone Portugal (VfP) has entered into a «national» network sharing agreement with rival operator NOS. The agreement has been feeding for some time. In February 2020, the two operators signed a Memorandum of Understanding to pool their infrastructure resources for mobile networks in order to «develop a sustainable investment model» (Vodafonewatch, #183). Agreements to share infrastructure for the mobile network will not affect competition between NOS and Vodafone, as the agreements «play no role in frequency sharing». Thus, the two operators «retain exclusive strategic control of their networks, thus guaranteeing full competition, strategic and commercial freedom and the ability to differentiate themselves in the definition and provision of services to their respective customers». «This agreement comes at a particularly critical time for the country and particularly difficult for the sector,» the leader added, stressing that today «effective, sustainable and environmentally responsible investments are necessary» to preserve the quality of services and promote territorial and social cohesion.

NOS and Vodafone Portugal have concluded a series of agreements to share mobile telephony infrastructure throughout the country, as the two telecom operators announced on Thursday. The agreements focus on assets already controlled by both companies and infrastructure that may be held by both companies. The operators Nos and Vodafone have signed agreements to share mobile network infrastructure and equipment throughout Portugal. Vodafone Group announces that Vodafone Portugal and NOS have signed an agreement on the provision and sharing of a home fibre optic network that will be marketable for approximately 2.6 million homes and businesses in Portugal. . . .